Wroclaw's Evacuation

Wroclaw's evacuation is a pre-production design document for a fictional Assassin's creed game set in central Europe (1240-1242) during the mongolian invasion. It was made as part of the architecture principles class at the Campus ADN.

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Requirements & constraints

10-15 minutes

Mission duration.

No exotic mecanics

Regular gameplay.


Detailed blackbox and city layout.

Design intentions


360 approach.

Create an open world environment to provide multiple entry points and opportunities to succeed. 


Archetype-based approach.

Create an area where the current assassin's creed archetypes (warrior, hunter, assassin) all have a way to complete the mission, thus reinforcing player agency.


Historical accuracy.

Events happening in the game linked to real-life event to respect the time period of this mission and to increase immersion. 

Challenges encountered and solutions found


Historical accuracy.

The Assassin's Creed franchise is known for it's historical and depiction of the actual events. Through our research, we found out that the city of Wroclaw was deserted during this time period before the mongol invaders arrived. We also reproduced the city following maps to make it as accurate as possibleé


Different styles of gameplay.

On Assassin's Creed Odyssey, you have 3 distinct skill trees that directs you gameplay. The Warrior, the Hunter and the Assassin all bring something different to the table. Our mission was designed to be adapted to all these different types of gameplay, giving the player different solutions to achieve his goal. 


Open world.

The open world design of Assassin's Creed suggests a 360 approach to the missions the player can complete. With that in mind, we gave ample space to the player to attack from any angle and to give a different challenge depending how the player approaches the blackbox. 


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