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Goldfish Go-Karts

This mobile racing game is the first professional project I worked on as a designer at Sarbakan. It was an update adding new worlds, an extreme mode, new track pieces for the track editor & more. I was in charge of creating all the new tracks, balancing the new extreme mode, rework the balancing of the AI contender & design the new track pieces.

Things I worked on


Level design.

I designed all the tracks in the 3 new worlds added to the game.


Extreme mode.

I worked on creating the extreme mode, where you replay the tracks but faster & with more action.


AI balancing.

The AI was completely rebalanced on this patch to make it more competitive while being beatable, offering a better challenge.

What I learned on this project


Time management

Being my first professional project, I had to learn to work with stricter deadlines. I had to adapt my workflow to be more efficient & deliver my work on time.


Interdepartment communication

I had to work closely with programmers and artists to make sure I had everything I needed to create the different levels and the extreme mode. This project was done remotely so there was a challenge in communicating at first but we managed to get on the same page and be on time. 


Technical elements

I had the chance to work with multiple new tools and methods throughout this project, and I learned a lot of new technical elements about the engine we work with and how to approach a certain situation. Learning about these technical elements helped me polish and push my design further.