HIVE : Primary mine

Platformer/Shooter developped remotely by a group of 30 students at the Campus ADN for our final semester. The game follows Alexeï, a geologist that has to get back and clear the space station from an alien menace after a solar cataclysm disrupted the operations of Talium Industries, the company behind the HIVE space station. I acted as the Assistant Lead - Level Design and as the Level designer for level 2 : Primary mine & participated in the game design process as part of my level design program. 

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Requirements & constraints.

2 minutes

Level Walkthrough duration.


Entire production done remotely.

14 weeks

Production time.

Level Design

Level design intentions


Linear level.

Create a four sections level that includes combat and platforming.


Basics of combat.

It's the first level in the game that has combat. Introduction of shooting mechanics and of the first enemies.


Credible layout.

A layout that looks credible despite being in a near future on another planet. It is done with a good flow in the greyboxing and convincing level art.

Level Artist : Simon Mailloux

Challenges encountered and solutions found



The level has to be linear but have some hidden rooms and an exploration part, which makes it a challenge to show the critical path to the player. Thoughtful framing and clever use of lighting helps guide the player the right way. 



The level shouldn't be too hard considering it is the beginning of the game, but must not patronize him while teaching combat. Good use of teach mechanics and good pacing helps the player learn abilities he will use throughout the game.


Remote production.

With everything done from home by a group of student, communication and coherence rapidly becomes a challenge. My job as the assistant lead - level design is to make sure that all the levels feel like one game and are well balanced. Multiple playtests and a good understanding of everything that's going on is helpful in keeping with the vision. I lead scrum meetings every morning to know how everything is going and work with the lead artists to keep track of the progress of each department. My level is a reflection of all these efforts. 

Game Design

Here are the game design document I worked on. We used the rational design method during production.


Motivation Mapping

This document was made to map all the gameplay loops and tie them to a specific player profile using Bartle's taxonomy. It also tied into the Maslow Hierarchy of needs to see what need it fulfilled.



The RLD was made to assign different ingredients to the levels and to create a balance between combat and platforming. As the assistant lead level design, I was responsible for keeping it up to date and to change assigned ingredients to create better balance.


MLD - Gun

This MLD was made to highlight the different functions of the weapon the player uses, from basic shooting to naviguation. It also links to one of the pillars of the game.