Portal 2

Puzzle game level developped as a student project at the Campus ADN meant to test the skills the player has acquired during his first playthrough of the main story. This 3 room layout provided the player with a fairly easy challenge to remind him of some game mechanics and to help him move on to harder content. This level was made over a 2 weeks duration and took 25 hours to complete.

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Requirements & constraints.

2 minutes

Walkthrough duration.


Knowledgeable player base.

2 weeks

Production time.

Design intentions


Linear level.

Create a 3-room type layout, with each of the first 2 rooms teaching mechanics, culminating in a final room testing all these skills.


Exotic mechanics.

Create exciting moments with a clever use of previously seen game mechanics to make the player feel rewarded.


Get the player up to speed.

Remind the player about before-seen gameplay elements so he can progress further in an hypothetical DLC.

Challenges encountered and solutions found



The puzzles had to be framed properly for the player to find the solution, but also needed to make him look around for the solution. Clever use of framing and smaller rooms helped guide the player in the right direction and make him aware of his objective.



It is easy to make a level too hard as a designer, being the one playing it a lot and having the solution figured out easily. A mix of forward and backward design helped me make it so an average player could get through it in the intended time frame. 


Exploit potential.

With the mecanics of portal, it can become easy to circumvent certain mecanics that the designer thought about with a clever use of the tools you are offered. To prevent this problem, I playtested my map extensively and fixed all discovered issues that players found to the point where the only solution possible was the one intended. 


Email: ld.samuel.deschenes@gmail.com