The Dark Forest

Racetrack project developped as a personal project. It is meant to test timing and precision skills that the player acquired playing the base levels of the game. It was made over a 2 weeks duration and took 15 hours to complete.

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Requirements & constraints (Self-imposed)

< 1 minute

Gold medal time.


Base game continuity.

2 weeks

Short Production time.

Design intentions



Create a layout that would allow sustained full speed racing throughout most of the track.


Optimization & Replay value.

The track is made so the player can replay the track over and over to cut some time off his final counter, optimizing his route and giving it a lot of replay value.


Precision & timing.

Tight turns and quick decision meant to test these skills.

Challenges encountered and solutions found



Going full speed most of the time, the player has to know of incoming turns and the intensity of said turns. The use of signs and affordance helped with this problem so the player knows in advance what lies ahead.


General flow of the map.

First iterations of the map weren't fun to play because they didn't flow properly. Tight curves and obstacles made the map unsatisfying to play. Ample playtesting using the live test mode in the game and streamlining of the track helped make it flow much better.


Full speed gameplay.

A full speed track with proper precision and timing challenges was hard to achieve. Tight curves were breaking the momentum built by the player. Use of wider turns and straight lines helped keep the built momentum throughout the whole race.