Yeet in the dark

Yeet in the dark is a 2D Pixelart platformer made in Unity during the 2021 Global Game jam. Centered around the theme "Lost and found", the player has to find his way through the levels using a torch. It was made by a team of 6 over a 5 day period. On the project, I did game design, level design and C# programming.

web maker

Requirements & constraints.

Lost & Found

Imposed theme.

5 days

Short production theme.


Made entirely from home.

Things I worked on


Game Design.

Participating in the discussion about different mechanics, metrics and overall experience.


Level Design.

Created the first and second level, focusing on teaching basic mechanics and providing a decent challenge in a short experience.


C# Programming.

Implementing different features like the trajectory prediction system, turbo jump and camera movements.

Challenges encountered and solutions found


Short amount of time.

The very short amount of time to work on the project was challenging. To save time on some of the more basic stuff, we took for example a pre-made character controller and adapted it to our vision. We also focused on a single mechanics, the flare throw and the light emitting from it, and built most of the gameplay around this ingredient. This allowed us to polish what we had a create a great feeling experience out of it.


Flare throw.

The feeling of the flare throw had to be good for the game to have any chance of being fun. Trajectory prediction and ''Angry birds'' style throwing gave the right feel, and the different ingredients supported that design.


Progression knowledge.

The game being completely in the dark until you light your way, the camera was an issue as if it was following the player, it was really hard knowing where to go. The choice of a fixed camera coupled with the braziers being lit even after death gave the player a sense of progression even after dying and gave him visual feedback as to where he is in the level.