HIVE : Game Design

Platformer/Shooter developped remotely by a group of 30 students at the Campus ADN for our final semester. The game follows Alexeï, a geologist that has to get back and clear the space station from an alien menace after a solar cataclysm disrupted the operations of Talium Industries, the company behind the HIVE space station. I participated in the pre-production game design phase and also helped with game design decisions throughout production. Design was made using the rational game design method.

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Requirements & constraints.

Rational design



Entire production done remotely.

14 weeks

Production time.

What I worked on

Here are the different aspects of the game I specifically designed and documented.


MLD - Gun

This MLD was made to highlight the different functions of the weapon the player uses, from basic shooting to naviguation. It also links to one of the pillars of the game.


RGD- Resource Management

This RGD was made to highlight the different atomic parameters related to resource management. It helps adjust difficulty through different tangible variables.


Motivation Mapping

This document was made to map all the gameplay loops and tie them to a specific player profile using Bartle's taxonomy. It also tied into the Maslow Hierarchy of needs to see what need it fulfilled.



The RLD was made to assign different ingredients to the levels and to create a balance between combat and platforming. As the assistant lead level design, I was responsible for keeping it up to date and to change assigned ingredients to create better balance.