The Heist

Environmental narration level developped in Unreal engine 4 using free marketplace assets. This was made as part of the narrative design class at the Campus ADN. This map took 35 hours to produce.

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Requirements & constraints.

2.5 minutes

Walkthrough duration.

Word limitation

Only small phrases, no paragraphs.

2 weeks

Production time.

Design intentions


Mysterious level.

Make the player search for clues of what is going on around him. Made by spreading clues around without context, but revealing their purpose later on.


Credible environment.

Create a scene that feels real, so the player can relate to his surrounding and be fully immersed in the experience. 



From a designer's perspective, learning the intricacies of unreal engine and using all the different capabilites offered by it.

Challenges encountered and solutions found



The player had to know where to go to succeed. The use of lighting, mostly static but some flashing lights with the use of blueprints help guide the player to the right places so he can follow the story in the right order. Framing also played an important part is this process.


Deus Ex Machina.

The map required a Deus Ex Machina as part of the assessment. The use of the banana gun to alleviate some of the pressure and to create a twist was key in fulfilling this criteria.


Level art.

Although a level design project, level art was a big part of it. Having a limited number of assets challenged me to make a cohesive scene where everything fit together properly to make for a great story. 


This map was a great opportunity to learn about the basics of blueprint. I used simple blueprints to make the map more immersive.